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Celestion, the "Voice of Rock and Roll", have been there from the beginning.  The Alnico Blue, Greenbacks, the Rola Celestion years and up to today's classics such as the Vintage 30, G12T75 and Alnico Gold Celestion have always set the standard. Some old models have passed into history, some have been re-released in the Heritage series and new masterpieces have been created.  The high power G12 M and H Creambacks, the V Type and A Type, the 10" G10 Gold and G10 Vintage and the 15" Fullback can only further establish Celestion as the guitarist's first choice for great tone. Just released are the G12M Hempback, the Neo V Type and the affordable full range F12M-150

Celestion have not forgotten the bassist either.  A wide range of models is available in both Ceramic and Neodymium magnet versions and profiled for either dynamic fast attack or warm and extended bass.  Sizes available range from 10-15 inches with power handling from 100 to 400 Watts RMS.

Alnico Series

G10 Gold, Celestion Blue, Celestion Gold, Celestion Cream, Celestion Ruby, G10 Gold

Heritage & Signature Series

Heritage G12-65, G12 EVH

Classic Series

G10 Creamback, G10 Greenback, G10 Vintage, VT Junior

A-Type, V-Type, Neo V type, G12T-75, G12M Greenback, G12M Hempback, Vintage 30, Classic Lead 80, G12K-100, G12-H150 Redback

G12H Anniversary, G12M-65 Creamback, G12H-75 Creamback, Neo Creamback, Neo Copperback,

F12-X200, F12M-150, G15V-100 Fullback

Originals Series

Eight 15, Ten 30, Rocket 50, Midnight 60, Seventy 80, G12T Hot 100

Bass Speakers

Pulse 10, Pulse 12, Pulse 15

BL10-100X, BL15-300X

BN10-200X, BN10-300X, BN12-300S, BN15-300X, BN15-400X